Understand Your User

“We tend to be distracted by the voices in our own heads telling us what the design should look like.” — Michael Bierut


Its very natural that when you are designing your product, you feel like a user of your product. You are the first one who will approve or reject your own designs. It is not possible that you sit with your user all the time, design screens and get his approval on each draft you create.

Then what is the solution?

Should you listen to your own voice and modify your designs as per your likes/dislikes?
It is true that you are an expert in designing experiences, but you are not a user of your design.

However, you can behave like your user. How?

Work closely with your user. It does not mean you have to sit together and start designing, but you need to know your user to the maximum possible extent. Visit his work environment, meet him, talk to him, observe him and see how he behaves in certain situations. Apply Design Thinking

Involve your user in your design process and get his feedback continuously to keep yourself on the right track.


Having a complete profile and clear understanding of your user, it will become easier for you to avoid distractions coming from your mind. You will prefer your user’s needs over your own instincts.

“Never try to impose your likes and dislikes on your design. You are not designing for yourself.”

Mary Cheba