How To Create UI Guidelines?

There are two approaches to create UI guidelines.

1. Using Your Products

If your organization has a detailed product, review it and extract guidelines from its design, and document them.

Add any required improvements in product behavior in guidelines. Later, existing products can be updated.

2. Customizing Available Guidelines

Use existing guidelines of an organization like Google or Microsoft, and customize them as per your design requirements.

Collection of UI Guidelines

Below is a collection of UI guidelines from few popular organizations that are helpful to make amazing interfaces.


Microsoft provides innovative experience to its users worldwide. It has published design guidelines for its various types of applications.

  • Desktop design guidelines are helpful if you want to design beautiful and user-friendly desktop applications to be used on Windows operating system.

  • For fluent design system, Microsoft provides UWP Apps design guidelines that use in designing beautiful UWP apps.


Apple emphasizes user experience over other things and provides very innovative designs. Apple has published its design guidelines for all types of products on its website.


Google delivers a visual language for their users that defines principles of innovative design.

Final Thoughts…

UI guidelines are common design concepts that are used to build engaging and unique user experiences. Following these guidelines helps you to enhance usability and beauty of your products.

Mary Cheba